Dahua helped Tianjin city build a safety NET after the Explosion Tragedy

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The great explosion happened in midnight of August 12th, 2015 in Tianjin harbor killed 165 people in total and caught everyone’s eyeball in and out of China. That tragedy lead people to think: How did it happen? How COULD it happen?
Tianjin government took this painful experience as a warning for the future, and put together a “NET” of Prevention & Control to monitor and audit the compliance to safety regulation in the city. Dahua technology helped Tianjin Safety Supervision Bureau establish the Major Hazard Sources Monitoring and Production Safety Prevention & Control System. The system is capable of detecting safety situations, by using big data, to make the city safer.
The application of the system greatly improved the online monitoring of the companies responsible for the production, transportation and storage of dangerous chemical products. It serves to prevent dangerous chemical accidents and ensure thorough clean-up of hidden danger in production sites by building intelligence into the security control system.
By the beginning of 2016, 1446 sites that produce or deal with dangerous chemical had been connected to the NET, including 891 gas stations. All information from above sites is real time monitored.

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