Dahua Unveils New Video Recorder – XVR

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HANGZHOU,CHINA/ September 9, 2016 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China, today officially announces the launch of XVR which is a true Penta-bird video recorder.
Dahua XVR is an ideal one for all recorders which supports 4 mainstream analog camera types in the market as well as IP camera. It offers compatibility as well as storage flexibility.
Dahua XVR is a newly developed HD Video Recorder based on industry leading open structure to be compatible with multiple access technologies. It is the perfect solution to upgrade existing video surveillance systems. XVR supports 4 mainstream analog camera types in the market, not only traditional CVBS (analog) camera, but also HDCVI, AHD and TVI , as well as IP camera. Moreover, XVR recognizes the signal formats from camera automatically, including both Dahua camera and third party camera. True plug & play makes operation more users friendly and convenient. All these features make XVR a true Penta-brid video recorder.
POC (power over coaxial) helps XVR to simplify users’ network cable construction, eases the wiring of power cable and maximizes users’ benefits. In addition, users can switch video channel type in OSD menu or HDCVI UTC controller.
High performance
Dahua XVR changes to a newly designed chassis with low-noise fan and hive structure heat dissipation. Smart H.264+ Codec is applied to XVR to save up to 50% bandwidth and storage. The upgrade of power electronics components and interface protection enhances XVR’s quality in terms of anti-crosstalk, anti-ESD and anti-surge.
For more information on the Dahua XVR line up, please visit Dahua booth at Security Essen, #2A06, in Essen, Germany, during September 27 – 30.

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